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''Easily sell more books, get more readers with profitable Amazon Ads''

...even if you've never logged into the Ads Console or hate numbers!

Introducing the most in-depth Amazon Ads course
exclusively for publishers and authors.

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A New Secret Advertising Strategy
that nobody's talking about.

It removes the need to "research" or "test" keywords.

You get straight to profiting from your books,
no wasted effort!

We've packaged the most reliable,
battle-tested strategies
into a fully comprehensive course.

If you're creating your first campaign, you'll learn a foolproof book launch strategy.
Setting you up for long-term, consistent profits.

If you're struggling to lower your ACOS, every ads scenario is covered inside.
Boost your profits with our "profit mode" strategy.

Bestselling Book Ads gives you
Amazon Ads mastery and
higher net profits,
step by step.

In my five-year journey with over $500,000 in ad spend, I've sifted through countless of strategies and online courses, and I felt that Ivan's course is the best among all of them.
What makes Bestselling Book Ads stand out is because of its actionable steps.
It's not just theories, but it's about results.
His unique strategies that's tailored for Amazon's algorithm allowed me to optimize my campaign while ensuring that every cent was well-spent.
What sets this course apart isn't just the depth, but the strategies.
For example, the Gold Panning method is nothing short of genius.
It's taught me to discover small and cost-effective keywords that allows my ad budget to go further and work harder.
Also, there's the keyword placement strategy, which is a powerful approach to guarantee our books land prominently on Amazon's first page.
As publishers, we all know how important it is for our books to be on the first page of our keywords.
All in all, every lesson is meticulously designed with the emphasis on getting the most out of Amazon's algorithm.
So in a nutshell, Bestselling Book Ads is more than just a tutorial.
It's a deep dive into refined strategies that deliver.
So to any authors out there, if you would like to learn how to master Amazon Ads, this course is the playbook for you.

Brian Chang

Long time publisher, spent $500k on ads

Hey, guys, my name is James and I just wanted to give you guys my honest feedback on Ivan's best selling book ads course.

So I joined this course a couple of months ago after trying multiple different programs in hopes of reducing my ad spend and improve my overall ACOS. After completing all of the modules, I can wholeheartedly say that this course has had a huge impact on my overall ad performance.

The course was very in depth and taught me how to use all the different types of ad campaigns to maximize my profits. I was also able to optimize my ads by finding better keywords using his specific strategies.

All in all, I was able to reduce my overall ACOS from around 60% to 80% to averaging around 30% every week

This course was a pivotal turning point in my KDP journey and I highly recommend it. Thank you

James Choe


When I started learning how to self-publish, I knew that I wanted to make my book profitable and I wanted to publish more than one book and so I knew that I needed the tools to accelerate that growth.
So I signed up for Best-selling Book Ads with Ivan.
I was able to learn the Amazon ads program, understand targeting, and turn on ads to scale.
And I just crossed a hundred thousand dollars of sales in my Amazon ads account in 16 months, publishing multiple books, learning the process, but really going through Ivan's course and learning the frameworks and formulas allowed me to personalize that for my account and my book.
So if you're looking for a course that can help you scale your book income, it's an incredible, comprehensive, I call him my ads coach.
I like teaching ads myself but he is the expert when it comes to book ads for Amazon.
If you are looking to self-publish and you want to have that control over that income and the customer data that comes from running ads, buy Ivan's course ASAP.

Jenny Hansen Lane

$100k+ Self-publisher

Jenny's $100k+ in sales!

I am an intermediate publisher with 3 years of publishing experience. Before purchasing this course, I used to rely on YouTube to test various strategies, which worked sometimes but not always. I needed a solid understanding and a repeatable process that I could use in every niche. After taking Ivan's ads mastery course, I can now say that it was definitely one of my best investments for my KDP publishing business.

It's extremely detailed, well-structured, and Ivan's extensive experience shines throughout the course. Not only have the questions I had been answered, but also the ones that I had no clue about. This is the benefit of learning from a pro.

What I liked the most about the course is the extensive keyword research process prior to launch, the exact blueprint for campaign structure during launch, how to optimize targets based on their high and low-performance scenarios, continuing research for more targets, indexing secrets, and various reference spreadsheets/charts. Moreover, Ivan is super accessible to clarify all doubts.

I have already tweaked the ads for my existing books, and I am amazed that tweaking one simple setting in campaign settings improved my ads so much! I am excited to test the entire launch and optimization strategy for my next book. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who needs to improve their knowledge of Amazon ads. You can rely on this course!

Pallavi Chauhan


Yes! Take My Amazon Ads to the Next Level!

My name is Ivan Finn, and I've overseen over $2.5 million in Amazon Ad spend this year alone.

I've launched dozens of books to the Amazon's Bestseller list in my time professionally managing publisher's ads.

Publishers come to work with me, frustrated by the recycled advice in Facebook groups.

They are using outdated strategies from 2016, which don't work.

There's so much well-intended bad advice, so much confusion and many good books going unnoticed.

All the metrics, variables, timing issues with Amazon Ads and the work of running a publishing business, can be overwhelming.

But it doesn't have to be this way!

I've learned what works and what doesn't.

Using the most reliable way: by running real ads, selling real books.

Not theorizing or learning from ads books or other courses.

The Bestselling Book Ads course is the culmination of 1,000s of hours of active campaign tracking and testing of different strategies over my 5 years of advertising books on Amazon.

Now you can take the most extreme shortcut to sky-rocketing profits using Amazon Ads.

The Bestselling Book Ads course covers the latest proven strategies which focus on net profits, not just ACOS!

Now you can benefit from that experience, save your time and money.

Publishing a profitable, bestselling book is as simple as following the step-by-step process in Bestselling Book Ads.

Let me show you how!

Ivan Finn

3x Your Sales 18 days?
Bestselling Book Ads Can Show You How!

Bestselling Book Ads Course Structure

The course is divided into two sections:
Essentials & Mastery.

Premium course

All of the basics you need to know to get up and running, making profits with Amazon Ads.

Premium course

Learn everything you need to know to truly master Amazon Ads to squeeze every drop of profit from your books, long term.

  • Account set-up, organization & navigation so you know exactly where to find everything
  • Campaign structure removes the guesswork in setting up your account for long term effectiveness
  • Free, paid and custom tools to save you time when doing keyword research and other key tasks
  • Removing the need to test keywords to save you hundreds if not thousands in wasted spend
  • Launch strategy & scaling to get your book to bestseller status and keep it there
  • Conquering other marketplaces to multiply your outputs with no extra efforts
  • Backend keyword best practices to improve long term sales and cement your book as a niche leader
  • Setting book price to effectively print money out of thin air (yes, it's that simple!)
  • Optimization & key metrics to minimize your research ad spend and make management a breeze
  • A-Z of troubleshooting every possible scenario you're going to encounter
  • Direct 1-on-1 support to ensure you learn the techniques and apply them correctly

Everything in Essentials, plus...

  • Advanced launch strategy to ensure your book's total niche domination
  • Targeting cheap, hidden keywords giving you an edge on your competition
  • SEO & PPC interdependence the secret to running profitable ads for years
  • Advertising with different budgets to give you maximal flexibility and cater to every book on your bookshelf
  • Highly reliable review services which will guarantee your verified reviews, on demand!
  • A trade secret campaign set up structure which gives maximal net profits through better control
  • The exact price testing strategy to find the sweet spot of overall net profitability for each of your books
  • Brand building to boost the longevity of your publishing business through brand creation and protection
  • Reader psychology deep dive to take your keyword research to the next level
  • Advanced monitoring for business health to ensure you're turning a profit in pocket, not just on paper
  • Predicting the performance of ads based on your book type to eliminate wasted spend before you spend a penny
  • Advanced optimization metrics to ensure your advertising aligns best with your goals

Yes! Take My Amazon Ads to the Next Level!

Get 5 Exclusive Bonuses 

Included With Every Purchase

Bonuses Overview

  • Backend Keyword Generation Tool - get your book in front of more readers
  • Campaign Optimization Cheat Sheet - best rules for ads optimization at your fingertips
  • Product Detail Page Checklist - convert prospective readers into paying customers
  • Seasonality & Special Events Guide - maximize your profits in the most busy shopping periods
  • A-Z of Bestselling SEO Guide - get and keep top of page 1 ranking
  • (97.00 Value)
  • (197.00 Value)
  • (47.00 Value)
  • (97.00 Value)
  • (197.00 Value)

Bonus #1

Backend Keyword Generation Tool

Total Value: $97

A custom coded tool to save you time and maximize your book's indexing and ranking potential. Combined with the strategies in this course your book will get in front of more readers and get more sales!

Get This For FREE When You Order
Bestselling Book Ads Today!

Bonus #2

Campaign Optimization Cheat Sheet

Total Value: $197

A condensed optimization cheat sheet to make sure you have the best rules and approaches at your fingertips. Consistent optimization will help steer your ads towards max profitability.
Use this cheat sheet as a reference and refresher every time you optimize your ads.

Get This For FREE When You Order
Bestselling Book Ads Today!

Bonus #3

Product Detail Page Checklist

Total Value: $47

Your book must convert in front of readers. Use this handy checklist to optimize your book's detail page for sales. Every part of the detail page can work to help you.
Most people don't use this to its full potential.
This checklist will ensure you're set to get optimal results!

Get This For FREE When You Order
Bestselling Book Ads Today!

Bonus #4

Seasonality & Special Events Guide

Total Value: $97

Celebrations and Special Events can make or break a a publishing business! Some see 10x sales in December alone due to Christmas sales.

But when should you prepare for Christmas (or other Special Events)?

How should you change your bids, budgets and strategy?

And when do you make these changes?

All this and more is covered in the Seasonality & Special Occasions Guide.
Getting Special Evens right can pay for this whole course alone!

Get This For FREE When You Order
Bestselling Book Ads Today!

Bonus #5

A to Z of SEO Guide

Mastery Exclusive!

Total Value: $197

A step by step guide to analyse and systematically improve your SEO and boost your PPC potential.
What if you could get in front of 2x or 3x the number of readers?
The process has a massive upside when done correctly.
You can halve the time to improving your ranking if you follow this guide!
Use the A-Z of Bestselling SEO Guide to cement your book for your main keywords, and your competitor's keywords!

Get This For FREE When You Order
Bestselling Book Ads Today!


  • Backend Keyword Generation Tool
  • Campaign Optimization Cheat Sheet
  • Product Detail Page Checklist
  • Seasonality & Special Events Guide
  • A-Z of Bestselling SEO Guide
  • (97.00 Value)
  • (197.00 Value)
  • (47.00 Value)
  • (97.00 Value)
  • (197.00 Value)

Total Value: $635.00

Yours Today for $0.00

This exclusive training is worth over $3,000!

...not to mention the $635 worth of bonuses!

The techniques outlined in this course have generated
over $5M in book sales this year alone,
not to mention the revenue from the backend offers
many higher level publishers use.

What if you could increase your sales by a few hundred dollars every month?

Amazon Ads are a long term game.

You can profit from ads improvements made today for years to come!

With over 7 hours of content, charged at Ivan's consultancy base rate of $450 per hour, plus direct Q&A access makes this a no-brainer investment.

Special Bundle Discount
You Can Get 20% Off When You Purchase Essentials & Mastery Together

The Right Course Level for Your Books

We offer a full 30 day satisfaction guarantee because your success is our success!

So you have nothing to lose!


All of the basics you need to know to get up and running with Amazon Ads.



Essentials & Mastery

Learn everything you need to know to truly master Amazon Ads to squeeze every drop of profit from your books, long term.

20% Off




Will Bestselling Book Ads work for fiction and non-fiction books?

Of course! The strategies covered in Bestselling Book Ads have been applied successfully to all manner of niches including fiction and non-fiction.

I'm sure you'll be able to advertise your books using the techniques outlined inside.

Who is Bestselling Book Ads not for?

There are some limitations to the type of book you can advertise. 18+ content,  violence, drugs, hacking and privacy invasion are just a few topics which are restricted from Amazon Ads. If your book falls into those categories, Amazon Ads are not for you.
If you're not willing to front-load a lot of the work and objectively evaluate your books for quality when troubleshooting ads performance then you may struggle with what's outlined and recommended in this course.

Will Bestselling Book Ads work for low content books?

Yes, if you tread carefully. You'll learn how to adjust the campaign structure to cater to low content books. You can certainly learn from the course and run ads on low content books such as coloring books and journals using the strategies in this course.

I'm a complete beginner with Amazon Ads. Which course is shall I get?

If you're just getting started, get the Essentials level. Build up your knowledge, practice and make your first profits. Then you can upgrade to Mastery.
If you're serious about getting your books launched and advertising in the best way possible straight away, get Mastery from the outset.

It'll give you the best chance of success as you only get to launch your book once.

I'm already experienced with Amazon Ads and have many campaigns running. Can I still benefit from this course?

Without a doubt, yes!
It's highly unlikely that you've heard all of the techniques in this course specifically because of its origins.
Bestselling Book Ads is based on practical testing and spending over $2M on Amazon Ads this year alone.
This stuff just works.
I'm sure you'll learn a lot from the course even if you've been running ads for years already.

Yes! Take My Amazon Ads to the Next Level!

Earnings Disclaimer

While it would be great to be able to claim you'll be a multi-millionaire in 7 days after getting this course, unfortunately, I cannot.

All of my experience has been packaged into this course. All of the successes and failures. My own ads and those of my dozens of clients form the basis for the content.

Success depends on too many factors (the quality of your book, your cover, price, reviews, description, niche, seasonality, other books being published and special events) and most importantly your willingness to apply the principles outlined in the course.

No performance guarantees can be given outright. There is always an element of risk when running a business and venturing to create a new life for yourself and your family.

Getting the info outlined in Bestselling Book Ads will give you the biggest leg up towards your success.



You are fully protected by our 100% Quality-Guarantee.

I 100% guarantee that you'll love this course and get massive value out of it, or I'll return the full price you paid within the first 30 days, if you show you've implemented the teachings.
Just email me with screenshots or screen recordings of the work you've done
and I'll give you back your money in full.
Sound fair?

Yes! Take My Amazon Ads to the Next Level!

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW!


The longer you delay mastering Amazon Ads and getting your books ranking well,
the better foothold your competition gets.
As the CEO of your publishing business or your author career, you must make swift decisions.
Will you step up and claim your rightful place in the Bestseller lists or continue to second guess yourself?
The choice is ultimately yours.
I know what I'd choose. I would take full ownership as I know you can too.
We're here to help, whenever you're ready.
See you on the inside.

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